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Berardi's coffee blends were developed through countless hours of blending and cupping; therefore, the actual components are a closely guarded company treasure.

Berardi's coffee offerings include:

Berardi's Custom Coffee Blends

Berardi's Blend
A coffee developed in the finest coffeehouse in Europe. Combining the best of eastern Africa with the mellowness of Indonesia, and a touch of dark roast to give a truly satisfying experience.

Berardi's Daily Brew
Daily Brew is a combination of three distinct coffees, all roasted to a Full-City roast and blended to give a light, delicate but rich cup of coffee.

Berardi's Organic House Blend
Certified O.C.I.A. (Organic Crop Improvement Association) organic coffee. The delicate, fruity flavor of Berardi's signature blend has a hint of spiced smokiness. Perfectly balanced, with a soft mild flavor and a heavy body.

Cafe Scanno®
A blend combining coffees from Africa, Indonesia, Central, and South America. These coffees are blended and then roasted to a light Viennese roast. Because of the unique qualities of each coffee, combined with a slightly darker roast, this results in a full-bodied European style coffee.

Cleveland Blend
A family secret passed from generation to generation, now available for you to enjoy. An excellent dessert or brunch coffee. (ground only)

Continental Blend
Our exclusive blend of first-class coffees. Highlighted with selected dark roasts. Unique, rich flavor, pleasantly mellow.

Dr. Livingston's Blend®
A blend of outstanding African coffees. Rich aroma, winey body, rich but smooth flavor, with good acidity.

Mocha Java
World's oldest and most famous coffee blend -full, distinctive flavor. Java provides the body and exhilarating aroma. Mocha compliments Java with its unique, rich, creamy, smooth taste.

Morning Blend
A blend of high grown South American coffees blended to give rich flavor, mellowness, and aroma.

Penny University Blend
The first coffeehouses in England were known as Penny Universities because for the price of a cup of coffee anything might be discussed and learned. Our Penny University Blend combines a number of regionals to produce a coffee with a complete and rounded flavor, bringing out the best qualities in each of the beans. Strong and full-bodied yet, smooth as silk.

St. Domenico's Blend®
An extraordinary blend of the world's best coffees. This blend combines coffees from each of the major growing areas, roasted to give rich flavor and a full-bodied cup of coffee.

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Espresso Blends

Cafe Roma
A blend of the finest arabica beans, roasted to a light Viennese color to ensure a rich, smooth espresso or cappuccino with no bitter aftertaste.

Cafe Gulianova
A blend that is full-bodied, bold in the cup with a caramel, dark chocolate aftertaste. Strong enough to be used in a cappuccino or a latte but smooth enough to drink straight.

A blend of light and dark roasted arabica beans that results in a heavier, richer cup of espresso.

Cafe Castiglione
The finest arabica beans roasted to a true Italian roast and blended together to give a full-bodied, strong espresso. This family recipe originated in the mountains of Campobasso.

Organic Espresso
Certified organic coffee grown without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. An espresso blend that is strong enough to stand up to milk in a cappuccino or latte, but smooth enough to drink straight.

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Bulk and Prepackaged Coffees

Click here to download a pdf listing all of Berardi's Bulk and Prepackaged Coffees, along with item numbers and sizes available.

Varieties include:




South Americans

Rare Regionals and Estate Coffees

Organic Coffees O.C.I.A. Certified (Organic Crop Improvement Association)

Custom Blends

Dark Roasts

Espresso Blends


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Decaffeinated Coffees

Click here to download a pdf listing all of Berardi's Decaffeinated Coffees, along with item numbers and sizes available.

Varieties include:

European Process Decaffeinated

Custom Blends European Decaffeinated

Dark Roast European Decaffeinated

Espresso Blends European Decaffeinated

Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated

Organic Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated

Custom Blends Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated

Dark Roast Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated

Espresso Blends Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated

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Flavored Coffees

Click here to download a pdf listing all of Berardi's Flavored Coffees, along with item numbers and sizes available.

Flavors include:

Almond Windmill Cookie Chocolate Marshmallow Gingersnap Raspberry Almond Truffle
Amaretto Chocolate Mint Ginger-Toasted Chestnut Raspberry Creme
Apricot Chocolate Raspberry Hawaiian Chocolate Nut Seville Orange
Banana Coconut Chocolate Toasted Chestnut Hazelnut S'mores
Banana Nut Chocolate Vanilla Nut Hazelnut Coconut Southern Pecan
Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble Cinn-A-Nut Honey Nut Strawberry Creme
Brandy Alexander Cinnamon Hylander Creme (Butterscotch) Sugar Cookie
Butter Rum Cinnamon Almond Macaroon Irish Cream Swiss Chocolate
Candy Cane Cinnamon Crumble Irish Mocha Tiramisu
Cappuccino Coconut Jamaican Rum Toasted Almond
Caramel Apple Coconut Sugar Cookie Jelly Bean Toasted Chestnut
Caramel Nut Fudge Cookie Doodle Jumpin Java Vanilla Almond
Cherries Jubilee Cookies-N-Creme Macadamia Nut Vanilla Almond Fudge
Chocolate Almond Cranberry Creme Marshmallow Vanilla Coconut
Chocolate Blueberry Cranberry Nut Mexican Liqueur Vanilla Mint Creme
Chocolate Cherry Cranberry Orange Nutty Irishman Vanilla Nut
Chocolate Cherry Coconut Creme Brulee Orange Creamsicle White Chocolate
Chocolate Cinnamon Dutch Chocolate Fudge Peanut Butter Cup  
Chocolate Coconut Egg Nog Pecan Praline  
Chocolate Hazelnut French Apple Crumb Cake Pumpkin Spice  
Chocolate Macadamia Nut French Vanilla Raspberry Almond  

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Espresso Pods

Berardi's pre-packed, pre-measured espresso pods make espresso and espresso-based beverages fast and easy. Berardi's has done all the measuring, grinding and tamping. The result is a perfect espresso with a warm honey colored crema.

Regular Espresso Pods

Case Pack: 100 Count
Minimum Order: 1 Case
Item Number: 10134
Description: Single Espresso - Regular (7 grams)
Item Number: 10135
Description: Double Espresso - Regular (14 grams)

Decaf Espresso Pods

Case Pack: 60 Count
Minimum Order: 1 Case
Item Number: 10136
Description: Single Espresso - Decaf (7 grams)
Item Number: 10137
Description: Double Espresso - Decaf (14 grams)

Espresso Pods Dispenser

Minimum Order: 1 Unit
Item Number: 10150
Dispenser (Holds 40-45 Single Pods)

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2 oz. Brick Packs Ground Coffee

Available in Berardi's Floral or Gold Bags With or Without Berardi's Logo. All Berardi's Coffees Are Available In Convenient 2 oz. Bricks. Ideal For Gift Baskets!

Minimum Order: 1 Case (48 Units Can Be Assorted) Must Order In Multiples Of 8 Per Variety.

Rare Regionals and Exotics

Presets: Ready To Ship In Stock (Flora,l Plain Gold or BFR Gold)

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Berardi's Floral Print 1.5 oz. Trial Size Packets

Packets Are Nitrogen Back-Flushed For Freshness
Packet Size: 1.5 ounce (Perfect for 10-Cup Home Coffeemakers)
Case Pack: 20 Packets
Minimum Order: 2 Cases

Item Number Variety
15-2880-020 Colombian Supremo
15-2858-020 Costa Rican
15-2780-020 Colombian Supremo Decaffeinated
15-2845-020 Morning Blend
15-2847-020 St. Domenico's Blend
15-2747-020 St. Domenico Decaffeinated
15-2022-020 Chocolate Raspberry
15-2028-020 Cinn-A-Nut
15-2036-020 French Vanilla
15-2038-020 Hazelnut
15-3038-020 Hazelnut Decaffeinated

Assorted Case (contains a minimum of 4 varieties)

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Trial Size Pillow Packets

Trial Size Packets Pillow Packets (Packitrogen Back-Flushed For Freshness) 20 Packets Per Case. Beraets Are Nrdi's Logo Film. Minimum Order: 2 Cases



1.5 oz. Item Number Variety 2.0 oz. Item Number
15-880-020 Colombian Supremo 20-880-020
15-840-020 Continental Blend 20-840-020
15-858-020 Costa Rican 20-858-020
15-842-020 Dr. Livingston's Blend N/A
15-849-020 French Roast 20-849-020
15-844-020 Mocha Java 20-844-020
15-845-020 Morning Blend 20-845-020
15-847-020 St. Domenico's Blend 20-847-020
15-816-020 Sumatran Mandheling 20-816-020
15-805-020 Tanzanian Mt. Kilimanjaro 20-805-020
15-1001-020 Assorted Case Regional/Blend 20-001-020
(Min. 4 Flavors)
Regional Blends Decaffeinated
15-780-020 Colombian Supremo Decaffeinated 20-780-020
N/A Continental Blend Decaffeinated 20-740-020
15-742-020 Dr. Livingston's Blend Decaffeinated N/A
15-745-020 Morning Blend Decaffeinated 20-745-020
15-747-020 St. Domenico's Blend Decaffeinated 20-747-020
15-716-020 Sumatran Mandheling Decaffeinated 20-716-020
15-999-020 Asst. Case Regional/Blend Decaf. 20-1001-020
(Min. 4 Flavors)
15-002-020 Amaretto 20-002-020
15-010-020 Cappuccino 20-010-020
15-098-020 Caramel Nut Fudge 20-098-020
15-017-020 Chocolate Macademia Nut 20-017-020
15-022-020 Chocolate Raspberry 20-022-020
15-028-020 Cinn-A-Nut 20-028-020
15-032-020 Dutch Chocolate Fudge 20-032-020
15-036-020 French Vanilla 20-036-020
15-038-020 Hazelnut 20-038-020
15-008-020 Hylander Kreme 20-008-020
15-039-020 Irish Creme 20-039-020
15-121-020 Vanilla Nut 20-121-020
15-000-020 Assorted Flavor Case 20-000-020 (Min. 4 Flavors)
Decaffeinated Flavors
15-1098-020 Caramel Nut Fudge Decaffeinated 20-1098-020
15-1022-020 Chocolate Raspberry Decaffeinated 20-1022-020
15-1028-020 Cinn-A-Nut Decaffeinated 20-1028-020
15-1036-020 French Vanilla Decaffeinated 20-1036-020
15-1038-020 Hazelnut Decaffeinated 20-1038-020
N/A Hylander Kreme Decaffeinated 20-1008-020
15-1039-020 Irish Creme Decaffeinated 20-1039-020
15-1121-020 Vanilla Nut Decaffeinated 20-1121-020
15-1000-020 Assorted Case Flavor Decaffeinated 20-1000-020
(Min. 4 Flavors)

Large capacity brewer packaging available. 3 oz. to 10 oz. portion control packets (gold foil). Please contact our service associates for details.

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Seasonal Flavors - Trial Size Packets
Seasonal Flavors
1.5 oz. Item Number Variety 2.0 oz.
Item Number
Available March 1 - August 31
15-005-020 Apricot 20-005-020
15-052-020 Raspberry Almond 20-052-020
15-055-020 Strawberry 20-055-020
Available September 1 - February 28
15-067-020 Cranberry Creme 20-067-020
15-085-020 Gingersnap 20-085-020
15-116-020 Toasted Almond 20-116-020
15-117-020 Toasted Chestnut 20-117-020
Available September 1 - November 30
15-113-020 Pumpkin Spice 20-113-020
15-1113-020 Pumpkin Spice Decaffeinated 20-1113-020
Available November 1 - December 15
15-020-020 Candy Cane 20-020-020
15-001-020 Egg Nog 20-099-020

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Special Runs

Custom Filled Trial-Size Packets available in select coffees only.
Available film: green Berardi's logo, red Berardišs logo (decaffeinated), Berardi's floral, white and gold. 120 counts available.
Service Charge: $10.00 per run
Lead Time: 10 days
Minimum Order: 150 Packets per variety

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